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RE: dealers going, going, gone, thank God!

Hey Christian, I know I have said it before, and I will say it only this one
last time.  If you need some place to look after your q, take it to Key Audi in
Jacksonville.  1-904-642-6069.  It is WORTH the drive.  John Judah,
previously of Brumos Porsche/Audi, is the service manager. He REALLY takes
care of his customers.  Scott Bermes, a lister, wrote me he had belt trouble
while passing through Jacksonville, and John handled it and didn't charge
him.  The Audi team there are committed Audi lovers. No kidding.  They took
care of my two 4kcsq when I raced SCCA autocross.  Even swapped out my Konis
from the 86 to the 87 on a Saturday (when they are normally closed) for me.
If you are going to the Roebling Road event, you'll probably meet him there.  

Lindsey B. (Marshall's wife)
Enjoying the 85 4ksq, but needs lots of new rubber on the underside!

At 07:24 PM 9/30/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Thank God, Audi needs to do this here in Orlando!

>These dealers are not supportive and try to rip us off, when we know more
>about the cars than they do!  PLEASE AUDI, DUMP THESE JERKS NOW (especially
>the dealer in orlando).
>I've written a letter to AoA about this before, they responded by phone, but
>I didn't change their Mind!
>Christian J. Long - Orlando, FL