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Re: Vacuum Leak

> Sorry, but I think using  WD40 to hunt for vacuum leaks is a VERY bad idea.
> If I'm not mistaken, the oil in WD40 is a SILICONE.  SILICONEs contaimnate
> OXS sensors.  That's why we are now being warned not to use silicone
> sealants when installing OXS sensors.  Well, maybe if you want a reason to
> replace your OXS, it isn't such a bad idea. :-)

Maybe I'm confused, but I thought oil and silicone were entirely different
classes of materials.  The WD40 and silicone lubricant I have handy
aren't similar -- the silicone is clear while the WD40 is yellowish,
and the silicone has a distinctive gluelike smell.  Also, the silicone
can explicitly says it's ok for rubber.

Now, the silicone does carry the warnings about open flame, so I guess
you could use it to find leaks -- but it would clog your OXS.  Best to
use a gas in any case.