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Cut Tire - Dunlop D60 A2

>From: Mark Hilbush <73441.73@compuserve.com>
>> From: "Paul C. Waterloo" <74543.407@compuserve.com>
>> I was surprised to read that Andrew Duane's Dunlop one month old Dunlop
D60 A2
>> blew out at the sidewall and he had it replaced. I read that Friday morning.
>> Going through New York yesterday, my tire did the same thing. It's about 2
>> months old and has about 10K on it. No noticable wear to date, but it had a
>> inch cut on the outboard sidewall.
>Hey, what gives here?  About a month ago, my D60A2 w/ 3500 miles blew a hole in
>the sidewall.  More than just coincidence?
>10K miles in only 2 months.  Wow!

Okay, running to Dunlop's defense...

I have D60 A2s on my Ford Escort, which I have driven like hell.  I've blown
out all sorts of tires over the years from sidewall damage - I'm not easy on
them.  Some of it from living in Los Angeles and bouncing around the
obstacle course of bluehairs blindly piloting their lime-green caddies and
olds through the streets via braille, and some by sliding off or into things
at high speed.  I have had NO problems with the Dunlops.  They've been great.  

This doesn't mean their TOUGHER than anything else, just that they're not
substantially WEAKER either.  My sidewalls right now are scraped up, but
still working fine.

To add context, I have 110K on this 87 Escort, purchased new in 87.  I drive
it so hard I've had to replace three of the four engine mounts, I've broken
the rack (of the rack-and-pinion steering), two springs, and I've broken a
wheel.  I've had to have tires remounted because I filled them with debris
AT PRESSURE when sliding sideways at high speed.  I am the tire companies'
worst nightmare.

I'm a BIG D60 A2 fan.  So much so that the last two times I've put tires on
that car, I've called around to make sure the tire shops carry that tire
before going in.


(whos Audi A4Q has now been on order for over two friggin' months!)