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ABS Light - 1990 90Q20V

I recently got my car back from a body shop in Plaistow NH (Dick's A/B).
Dick, the owner of the shop, used to work for Park Audi in Lawrence, MA.
Anyway, I noticed two things different that I need some input on:

1. The Antilock Off light is now always on. The dash switch for Antilock
which is supposed to activate/deactivate the ABS system has no impact on the
2. The differential lock light is now only partially lit. At night, when
interior backlighting is on, only the rear portion of the graphic is lit
(not the front). The differential lock button still activates the green lock
light (of course until the 15mph limit). 

I had taken the car to the A/B to fix a few things:

a. 2 passenger side alloy wheels - replaced
b. passenger side rocker panel - replaced

Since these problem were not present before I took the car to the A/B, I
called them. For the ABS, I was told that the ABS sensors on the wheels may
have worn out and that it was probably a coincidence that the problem
ocurred while they had the car. They did not comment on the diff. light.
They had the car for almost a month!! I noticed that they had jump started
the car during that period.  My own general mechanic suggested that the jump
start could have damaged the system (??) but he doesn't have the appropriate
Bosch tester to determine the exact cause. I'm taking my car to A/B again to
have them look at the problem. Any comments regarding experience with this
problem would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to have some info to discuss
with the A/B. Anyone know of a repair place in NE Mass to do this diag/work?
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