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Advice on 91 90Q purchase

     Hi guys,
     I am interested in buying a 91 90Q sedan. The car is in great shape,
     but has high miles, 127K. I commute through two lane hwys to work. I
     have put 30k in a year on my 874kcsq and now the suspension bushings
     are in a need to be replaced. Obviously, 90q is a superior car in
     looks and performance, but I have a few questions that the Audi sage
     might be able to answer.

     1) My 874kq has 137k, and I am buying a 90q with 127k for a lot more
     money. It seems to be in great shape, but the suspension components,
     (especially bushings and CV joints) must be approaching a critical
     state. I heard some someone that suspension bushings and tranny mounts
     go out around 135k, which is true for my 874kq, is that true for all
     90q's? In addition, I noticed a slight shudder (tremble) when I
     pressed the brake pedal at around 60 mph, with the foot off the pedal
     and the transmission in neutral. Just a warped rotor or suspension
     bushings aging up?

     2) My 874kq drives like a smaller car and seems (?) to sit lower. When
     I drove the 90q, it rode like a bigger car. Am I hallucinating, any
     comparisons of the two would be helpful. I may be bordering on heresy,
     but the driving position of the 90q reminded me a little of the Saab

     3) I was noting that the 90q 20valve has more hp then a BMW 325 flat
     six and weighs less, but still has a slower 0-60. Is that due to gear

     4) Lastly, any advice, experiences, maintenance especially on a 90q
     would be much appreciated.

     Thanks a bunch

     Saqib Mausoof

I was born weird. The terrible compulsion to behave normally is the
result of childhood trauma.
Saqib Mausoof