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thanks and update

Thanks to all who offered to come over and have an exorcism on
the car, or set it on fire.  I would have done the latter
long except that I only have liability and I didn't think
they would give me full coverage if I had it flatbedded to 
the insurance agent for inspection :)

I took the axles up to a local Audi mechanic (Greg at Autofirme)
and picked them up Friday night (on the BMW, in 28 degrees, but
I digress...)  I installed them, no problem - much easier now
that the joint actually flexes!  Turns out the "kidney shaped"
clips or washers I was talking about (sits under 2 CVJ bolts)
fit, they compress quite a bit and eventually flatten out.
I bolted up the downpipe partially, since I had lost 3 of the 5 bolts,
so I need to finish that and bolt up the cat.  I reattached the 
diff locks wiring harness, had mixed it up and the first lock
light was on all the time, so I swapped the first pair of connectors
and it seems OK now (I have a vacuum leak or something as a result
of the new engine, so I can't test the locks yet).
I also removed the starter.  So here's the agenda:

- figure out how to loosen the a/c compressor (I must have a couple
  more bolts to go)
- find a way to stop engine from turning via the starter hole so
  I can get the crank pully bolt off
- replace timing belt
- set timing marks, distributor, etc
- reassemble pulleys and whatnot
- install starter
- install front grille

- install new front rotors and pads
- install front wheels (I should have about 2 weeks before I need
  to swap to snows)
- torque down axle nuts

Other misc:

- replace rear ebrake cables (anyone done this?)
- install missing front spoiler

So that's all that is left, along with painting my house
before winter hits for good and studying for the GMAT which 
is this coming Saturday. :)

| Dan |