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Re: Changing timing belt on 91 200q

In a message dated 96-10-14 14:44:50 EDT, you write:

 The mechanic (BMS in Bellevue, WA) said that they've done a number of
 these (all 3B) and on some of them you can change the belt without
 removing the front bumper, but on others you just have to take off the
 entire bumper.
 Is this true and if so, what makes it so?

Yes, you can, but the why question comes to mind......  The bumper removal is
a 5 minute (literally) procedure, and makes the job a breeze comparatively
speaking....  Two bolts hold the bumper on to the car, and a coupla screws
hold the various air scoop pieces parts....   Suggest doing the water pump
(or at least the O-ring) at the same time, you are right there.....