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Re: ABS Light - 1990 90Q20V

If you read your manual you will discover that the rear diff lock will need
to disable the the ABS system while it control the variation in L/R axle

There is nothing wrong with your system if your "ABS OFF" light luminates
while your diff is locked.

> From: V. Jokic  <vjokic@iaw.on.ca>
> To: Abhijit Das <a.das@worldnet.att.net>
> Cc: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: Re: ABS Light - 1990 90Q20V
> Date: Monday, October 14, 1996 3:02 PM
> >
> >I recently got my car back from a body shop in Plaistow NH (Dick's A/B).
> >Dick, the owner of the shop, used to work for Park Audi in Lawrence, MA.
> >Anyway, I noticed two things different that I need some input on:
> >
> >1. The Antilock Off light is now always on. The dash switch for Antilock
> >which is supposed to activate/deactivate the ABS system has no impact on
> >light. 
> >2. The differential lock light is now only partially lit. At night, when
> >interior backlighting is on, only the rear portion of the graphic is lit
> >(not the front). The differential lock button still activates the green
> >light (of course until the 15mph limit). 
> I have an 88 90Q. I noticed that diff. lock switch also has certain
> on the ABS system.
> If diffential is locked, ABS light comes on. You may have some problems
> this switch or 
> its wiring since you have already noticed some changes related to this. 
> V. Jokic