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RE:Subject: Advice on 91 90Q purchase

>Hi guys,
>I am interested in buying a 91 90Q sedan. The car is in great shape,
>but has high miles, 127K. I commute through two lane hwys to work. I
>have put 30k in a year on my 874kcsq and now the suspension bushings
>are in a need to be replaced.
Fix and keep driving the 4kcsq!!!

>Obviously, 90q is a superior car in looks and performance, but I have a few
questions that the Audi sage might be able to answer.

I thought this too on my first impression of the 80/90 series when I traded
my 87 4kcsq in on an 88 80Q. Yes, I realize this isnt the same animal
engine-wise since no 20v but...having owned 5 quattros (3 4kqs, 1 80q, and a
5kcstqw) I can say that after 30k miles on my then-new 88 80q there always
seemed to be something missing-it just didnt ever have that almost magical
feel the 4k (and the qwagon) had. I sold it to buy my sailboat and never
looked back (but have been heartbroken over loosing the tqw to my
ex...another story). Yes, it felt like a bigger car and the lower RPMs at 80
and up were nice...but it was not as rewarding and fun as the 4kqs Ive

>1) My 874kq has 137k, and I am buying a 90q with 127k for a lot more money.

Use the a lot more money to upgrade and keep the (IMHO) better car on the
road and pass on the 90...then you can wait for a used (or better yet new
1.8tq) A4 to turn up.

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq