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dougev wrote:
> Dear Quattro owners,
>         I finally got under my 85 4KQ to see where the clunks were coming from
> and found that the right and left side of the differential could be
> moved up and down easily with a pry bar.  I also noticed that the front
> sub frame bushing had some up and down movement also. Please help me
> with these questions:
>         1)   Is this where my CLUNKS are coming from?
>         2)   Could the sub frame bushing play be adding to my CLUNK noise?
>         3)   How hard are these sub frame bushings to replace and what is the
> procedure?
>               Do I have to drop the whole frame to get the old bushings out?
>         Thanks in advance for any help!!!
> Doug Evans
> dougev@newpig.com
> 85   4000S QUATTRO
> 88   90 QUATTRO
> 84   325e

Doug, I have the same things wrong with my 85 4ksq. The clunks are most 
likely from the rear diff moving about. You may also want to check the 
rear mount for the rear diff, it can allow a lot of up and down motion if 
One other thing you might check is the control arm bushings, they have 
a tendancy to wear quickly and when they go, they allow lots of movement 
hence, lots of clunks.

As for the subframe bushings, I doubt this is the source of the noise, 
but if there is a lot of play in them, you should replace them since it 
certainly doesn't help.
To do it, you will need to drop the subframe to press them in and out.
I know of some people doing it with the subframe in the car by doing one 
side at a time, but I really doubt it's easier our faster for that 

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