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OK ALREADY enough of you have made your point that you are not if 
favor of WD40 to find leaks.  But lets try to be a little realistic  
Burning WD40 to create silicon dioxide, that is going to destroy my 
engine.  Unless you are going to pour this stuff into the engine, its 
just not going to happen.  The small amount that is going to be 
produced is not worth considering compared to the amount that passes 
through the best air filters.  I would be more concerned about the 
damage done by carb cleaner.  Card cleaner is an organic solvent 
which will disolve the oil film protecting your cylinders, if it can 
remain in contact with the oil long enough to do its dirty work.  
About as much chance of this happening as sand blasting the internal 
engine parts.  

I guess that that leaves the old propane torch tick.  By the way I do 
have a propane leak detector like the one discussed, these only work 
to find leaks in a pressurized system, like your air conditioner.  

My trusty can of wd40 and I found the leak in my vacumn advance hose.
Thanks to all that replied to my plea for help, all one of you. But 
then I digress.

Now lets get back to something of dire importance to all AUDI owners, 
like unedited replies.  But then I am fortunate to have unlimited 
internet access on all my computers.

Think I'll go do something important like mass a fingerprint or 
listen to green.  Geez its going to be a long day.

Greg - nomex at the ready