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Re: Accusump

In a message dated 96-10-15 14:17:34 EDT, you write:

<< 	Had them on race cars.  Mine did the job, but never felt 
 compelled to put one on a street car.  What else do you want to know?  
 *Best* place to get info on these are through racing literature.
....  Best place to have them is on race cars...  Having torn down my fair
share of hi mileage KKK audi turbos, some original waaaaay past 150k, money
spent elsewhere (read more/better oil changes, heck even a turbo rebuild) is
IMO a much smarter way to go at the oil prollum....  If you have a WC turbo,
that is miles ahead of a non WC and since the audis already have an external
oil cooler (not many cars do), audi was pretty retentive when they designed
the turbo system...  Spend the money on another oil cooler, or a more
efficient radiator, the accusump would be one of the last toys I would add
for a street car....

.02 @ Canadian exchange