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Re: A4 = Passat?

Martin Gruby writes:
> Which car is faster??
> >> So is the A4 just a higher level of trim and suspension than the base
> >> Passat, but otherwise the same car?
> >
> >No.  The A4 is not the same as the current Passat.  The Passat is
> >a larger car than the A4.  The "narrow-angle 172hp 2.8L V6" in the
> >Passat (GLX) is VW's 15-degree VR6 engine, which is transversely
> >mounted.  The A4 2.8 uses Audi's 90-degree V6, and is longitudinal.
> >It is interesting that both of these engines make the same horsepower
> >(172hp), but the Audi's engine has more torque (184lb-ft @ 3000rpm vs.
> >173lb-ft @ 4500rpm).

The FWD A4 probably weigh about the same (perhaps slightly less than)
the Passat GLX, so I would guess that they would have similar
accelerative performance.  Audi rates the 0-60mph of the A4 (manual
trans) at 7.8 seconds.  I am not sure what the factory rating is
for the Passat GLX.  Top speed for the A4 is electronically goverened
at 130mph.

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