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the Gods are angry...again

The Audi Gods must know that I've been bad.  They know that I haven't been
reading my quattro mail.  They must know that I've been thinking of buying a
newer car to commute in (meaning non-Audi) and they must also know that I
recently graduated college and now have my first real job.  Last week when I
got to the office my driver side window regulator snapped.  Luckily(?) I work
down the street from Rusnak Audi/Pasadena and so I left it there to be fixed.
 $525!  I'm sure there was a cheaper way to deal with this problem but I
didn't have the time to deal with it.  (What was I supposed to do with the
car while I was at work?) After I picked up the car it made an annoying
squeaking noise (brakes or bearings?) It doesn't sound like the way that the
disc brakes have sounded in the past when they were worn.  Sometimes the
squeak disappears when I brake sometimes it just changes pitch.  Sometimes
it's there when I accelerate, sometimes not.  Sometimes it's never even
there. For a few days the radio mysteriously cut out then worked fine once I
would lower the passenger side window. Could that have anything to do with
the fact that one of my tailight bulbs is burnt out? (And of course none of
the various auto shops out here has the bulb for that.)  Then yesterday the
passenger side window fell into the door.  This time I checked it out and it
was just a few loose screws. (Actually just one because the other screw that
holds the glass to the mechanism is now lost).  To top off all this commotion
I was slightly rear ended today.  After, I locked up the brakes trying to
avoid the Volvo ahead of me,  an Explorer appeared in my rear view mirror
just barely missing my rear bumper as the smoke rose from around my car.
 Then I heard more skidding so as I prayed not to get hit I moved up a few
feet as fast as I could and at that moment the Explorer was struck pretty
hard from behind and it was pushed forward just barely tapping my bumper.
 Maybe the Gods aren't that mad after all.  And to think I figured that my
first paycheck would go towards changing the control arm bushings!

Jesse Almero, Jr.
Torrance, CA
1986 Coupe GT