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Transmission and Differential Oil

Which transmission and differential oils are recommended for a 1990 200TQ?  
Also, what do the suffix letters after the 2105 spec mean.
The suffix on the Valvoline synthetic doesn't match what is specified in the 
manual or the Bentley.  

Finally, my  transmission is getting more and more difficult to shift into 1st 
and second gear.  Is it likely that adjusting the centering of 
the shifter will make a difference?  I have approximately 3/4" of
play between the shifter and the stop when in 5th gear and 1/4" between
1st gear and the stop. Maybe lubrication to overcome 6 years of salt?

Thanks for any suggestions.
Fred L. DeRoos, Ph.D.
Senior Research Specialist
3M Corporate Research Laboratories
Maplewood, MN

"Opinions expressed herein are my own and do not necessarily represent 
those of 3M."