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Re: Windshield washer not working!!!

On Wed, 16 Oct 1996, Steve wrote:

> I guess my car is not too happy that it is not on the track;-(  I thought 
> the gods would be glad, but they must be sad.  Now my widshield washer 
> mtotr is not working. What is the best way to track down the problem?  
> Does the pump run on 12v?  If so I can always test it with a 12v source 
> to see if the motor is out or if it is in the wiring.

Why not just hook a voltmeter to the contacts, and check for current while
someone turns on the washers?

I fixed mine by taking out the pump (it's nestled beside the washer fluid
reservoir), shaking it around and blowing in it, and putting it back in.

Not sure if it was bad contacts or something stuck inside.  It's worked
fine for over a year now.

85 4KSQ