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Re: Wipermotor stop !?

>In a message dated 96-10-13 17:08:35 EDT, you write:
>> Hi, I wonder if the wipermotor standbyfunction(when it goes back to end
> >position  whenever you turn off the switch) is in the motor or a relay
> >Is there anyone who can help me answering that question ?
>>TIA, Evert
>Surely Logic Should Prevail Here Guys . . .  It's always in the Motor
>itself as
> it has to have a mechanical Link to know when it has come to the end
>position !
>Most Motors normally have a set of contacts that are Closed when the
>motor is
>not in it's Home/Park Position and that open when it is in it's home/park


>P.S. Just to Confuse You I suppose the Contacts in the Motor Could Go Via
>a Relay !
>        Oh Dear Here We Go Again !

I don't have my notes in front of me right now, but on my urQ the contacts
from the motor do go to the intermittent wiper relay.  You are right that
the sensing contacts are in the motor (have to be).

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL