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Re: Speed traps and Radar

The X, K, and Ka bands are quite large. 
So you can have two signals which differ slightly in fre quency and both 
can be classified as X band signals.
My friend had V1 and it tended to get confused sometimes because in the 
city, the signal has too many things to bounce off - when it bounces off, 
it changes frequency slightly, so the V1 would display 2 where there was 
in reality one signal. The occasion was rare, but interesting. 
We used to take both the Passport 5000 and the V1 by a place where the V1 
would do such a thing. 
The passport would show one X band (an auto dealer
, but if you drove closer, 
signal would split into two singals of lower intensity and very close in 
frequency. At this point the V1 would start showing 2 signals in the X 
band. Then as you got closer to the dealer two singals became one again....


> BTW, I wonder how it knows it's got the same signal and not two
> different ones...
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