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Re: Speed traps and Radar

>From dan_masi@MENTORG.COM Wed Oct 16 08:13:54 1996
>On Oct 15,  4:50pm, Edward T Spire wrote:

(with respect to the valentine rader detector, which displays a count
of how many radar signals is sees at a given time, and also displays
the direction a signal is coming from, displaying "from the side" if
it sees the same signal on the front and rear antennae...)

>> BTW, I wonder how it knows it's got the same signal and not two
>> different ones...
>Phase difference?

I would think that if a signal came from a single source and entered
both antennas, one would be direct and the other would be reflected,
having travelled a longer path, would be out of phase with the directly
received signal anyway.

I had thought it might be minor frequency differences, but a friend
said he thought they were such highly tuned devices that they would all
be at essentially identical frequencies.

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