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Re: Towing an 86 4kq

>I don't think there should be any problems as long as the 4 wheels are
>the ground - after all, this is how your car works every day.  Damage
>occur if the car is towed with two wheels on the air which are not
>to turn. This would cause the spider gears in the center diferential to
>spin rapidly and continuously, a function they were not designed to do -
>kind of like launching a 2wd car with one wheel spinning and the other

>Luis Marques

--- Steve wrote:
>> Can an 86 4kq be towed with all four wheels down while in neutral?
>> I thought I read about damage being done when towed by a wrecker.  OTOH,
>> the guys that race their 84 4kq in Kansas say they tow their car all over
>> the midwest on all four behing a 5ktq.

I'm fairly certain that the manual of my Q says something to the effect, that
if the car must be towed.. the FRONT wheels must be off the ground, and the car
must not be towed in excess of 30 mph(?) for a small number of miles. If the
car is to be towed greater than the indicated speed or for longer distances,
all four wheels MUST be off the ground. Use caution. Whenever I get towed, I
insist on a flat-bed. 
                               -Osman Parvez
                                89 200q
                                Siena College
                                Albany NY