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Re: Windshield washer not working!!!

In a message dated 96-10-16 14:02:49 EDT, you write:

<< Why not just hook a voltmeter to the contacts, and check for current while
 someone turns on the washers?
 I fixed mine by taking out the pump (it's nestled beside the washer fluid
 reservoir), shaking it around and blowing in it, and putting it back in.
There is a pressure regulator anti drainback valve right at the bottle
connection, pull that out (grey elbow 2in long) and plug the line directly to
the bottle, see if you get fluid....  You can run this way until you get the
new valve, but it will be hitting your windshield with "increased prejudice"
....  btdt a few times....  The pump motors hardly ever go, chances are it's
the contacts are crudded or the valve is failing...