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K&N stuff (was Re: Carb Cleaner...)

>        I would like to thank Pat Martin and everyone else for the help. Just
>to let you guys know, at first with a K&N filter, there was no
>difference. Just this weekend I went down to Minneapolis, I swear, that
>car was untouchable on the highway. At half throttle, the cars going
>near 145 kph. I was racing an Eagle talon, it was pretty funny. I had
>the car at about 160 with still lots of punch left. Best drive of my

>Raj AUDIocee
>84 4000S (AUDRE the AUDI)w. K&N and the cat cut off.

What did you do to notice the difference?

I put a K&N on my car 2 months ago, but didn't notice any difference.
I have a higher-flow exhaust system from the cat back, and the cat
is partially gutted (it was rattling, so I took it off and dumped out
the broken part...but part of the honeycomb is still there).   Actually,
the engine feels pretty dull these days, after all this.  I think I
am being punished...   :(

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