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alternate method for removing crank pulley

In message <961016155829_1677909713@emout08.mail.aol.com> PDQSHIP@aol.com writes:

> << My mechanic thought this one up - attach breaker bar with socket
>  to the pulley nut, handle on the ground.  Crank the starter.
>  Is he nuts or is this a great idea?
>  --  >>

He's nuts.

> Seen it done, makes me shutter to think that it does work....  So, putting it
> back on without the tools sounds like the  sputter of the Ingersoll Rand?

Dear God!.  Correct torque (plus or minus 200%).

>  Yes, he's nuts, does it work, most of the time...  Would one recommend it?
> NO....  I would think that the IR on "remove" might be better than this idea,

I can think of a _lot_ of things better than this idea.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club