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New A4Q

I now have it.  A black A4Q with black leather, Bose, CD, sunroof, sport
wheel, manual tranny, and heated seats.  Picked it up an hour ago.  It's a
very pretty car.

Impression so far:

It's a well-made car, and knows what it's doing.  At first I thought the
trip computer was too gadgety, but it's nice seeing what track of which CD
you're on.  The estimated mileage goes screwy when you coast though.

There's more road noise than I expected.  It's not really a quiet car.  It's
not intrusive really though.  The climate-control system fan IS intrusive
when in the top half of it's power, which it controls automatically unless
you override it.  I've overridden it.

The engine doesn't seem to have a sweet spot, or, more accurately, the whole
range from under 2K to almost 5K (which is all I've done) seems to be sweet.

The remote-locking fob refuses to stay together.  I may have to get a new one.

The seats are great, but clearly designed for people considerably wider than
I am.  (I am a bit on the slim side.)

The trunk is huge.  Bigger than huge.  I think the whole car could fit into
the trunk.  It doesn't look that big from outside!

The weather refused to cooperate - it has been raining hard much of the time
for two days, including part of today, but it's now clear and dry.  So I
don't know about the traction.  No problems yet.

Summary: So far, this car is everything I'd hoped for, a real delight,
although that fob needs fixing.

        (Portland and Seattle)