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Re: ur-quattro

..>From: steveb@falcon.kla.com (Steven Buchholz)
..>Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 14:41:17 -0700
..>> ..>It was once described as having the aerodynamics of a housebrick.
..>> ..>
..>> the [lack of] aerodynamics are the most obvious detractions of the ur-quattro when
..>> compared to the s2/s4/s6 etc.
..>... but then Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ... I prefer the urQ's looks.

yes so do i, but the s2 grows on you.  the detraction with the ur-q is the wind noise
which is a pain when travelling at speed.  directly related to the [lack of] aerodynamics.

..>> the ur-q was (and still is) one of the 2 cars audi have made which are classics. the
..>> basic shape didn't change significantly from the 1980 geneva motor show until people 
..>> stopped buying them in 1991.
..>I'd be interested in hearing what car you think the other classic would be ...


'93 s2
'90 ur-q