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Re: if it ain't broke...

>shef sez:
>>And, is it doing anything more than maybe hurting my fuel
>>mileage(kilometage, is this an offical word for you folks that use

>i'm not sure of the terminology, but my euro trip computer gives fuel
>efficiency in litres-per-100km, not km-per-litre.
>i think it is called "fuel consumption".

l/100km is the thing they're trying to get us used to. Here in Holland
though, we generally work with the number of km's per litre. They've been
trying to get us to use kWs instead of hps for a number of years too, but
so far it's failed miserably... maybe because a 66kW engine sounds even
whimpier than a 90hp one.
Car tests still use hp and km/l!

1988 80 1.8S (66kW)

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