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My 86 5KCST passed 100,000, checkup time?

OK, the 5KCST I acquired in March with 80k just hit 100k (yeah, we like to
drive it).  Besides regular oil changes, some important repairs (the ISV,
CV boots when we got it, temp guage, timing belt, some other sensors,
etc.) I haven't really done much to the car.  I want to get it checked out
for anything major and fixed if needed.  

Things I've noticed:  The car has NO problem starting cold.  However, if I
run it for an hour or so, then park it for like an hour or so, and try and
start it again....NIGHTMARE.  The thing turns over and turns over and only
starts when I really play with the gas pedal.  This problem has developed
in recent months (say past 2 months).  Ideas?

The suspension:  I believe that the shocks were replaced when the car was
purchased, but when this thing goes over bumps, there seem to be lots of
clunks coming from up front.  Yes, vague description I know, but what
should I be thinking about here?  I don't know if the ride is just 'firm'
or 'european'. :)

If I take it to an independent service center (I hate Audi of Wallingford)
what should I ask them to check/tune/etc?

Thanks for your suggestions.  I am learning by osmosis around here...


 -Preston Brown