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This vacuum leak thing...

Ok, what is the definitive word on the vacuum leak issue.  I haven't been
paying too much attention, until I went and pulled my own oil filler cap.

I have seen posts that say certain engines do die with the oil filler pulled,
but other engines don't (like the CIS-E don't).  I would have thought ALL
would stumble badly or stall, but now I am not so sure.

In my case (2226cc CIS-E), the engine doesn't seem to change much when I pull
the oil filler cap.  The engine makes a cool popping noise from inside the
valve cover at that point, but no stumbling.  I wouldn't be surprised to
find I have a vacuum leak, because the car hasn't had much power in
the past few months (although it runs pretty smoothly).  It gets better
gas mileage and makes more power when I leave the charcoal canister
t-connector rubber cap off (I wondered why I was getting 28+ mpg on that
long trip home from Atlanta!).

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