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Audi moving upmarket?

>>OH good.  (gawd).  OH great.  (heavens).  JUST what Audi needs.  
>>Didn't they JUST get a toe-hold established in the US by REDUCING 
>>prices?  Didn't they note Mazda DROPPING their plan for a premium car 
>>division because the market was saturated??????????????????

I'm new to the Quattro list, so forgive me if I say something obvious or just
flat out stupid ;-), but I DO NOT think Audi is trying to go upmarket -- they
 tried to go upmarket in the past (late eighties, early 90's) with lackluster
results (understatement).  The new direction is to an "extra-content" niche
where they sell cars offering equipment and build quality comparable to BMW
and Mercedes for less $.  I think the A4 is a qood example of this.  The car
is nicely styled, offers excellent engineering, and is priced
aggressively.....just IMHO.  

Kent Rafferty
'93 RX-7 Twin Turbo 
'94 Yukon GT 
Currently looking for an Audi Something Quattro