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RE: ur-quattro

Does Audi Still make a Ur-quattro? 

No. Not since the very early 1990s.

If so what does it look like? 

Looks similar to the 1980s Coupe' GT, but with big IMSA-style fender flares, tall rear spoiler, deep front and rear valences, wide wheels with 50-series P7s, dual-tip exhaust, big OOOO rings on the doors and factory pinstriping. 

Mean, Wide, Low, Sinister and Handsome -- yeah -- *that's* The Ur-Q!

Is it just
a coupe quattro like the one they had in the states in the early 90's with a

Nope. Totally different from the 80/90-based coupe's. The turbo 80/90-style coupe' is the S2.

Or does it have the older body style?

Yes, it has the 'older' 1980s-style Coupe' GT-based body style.