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Re: Repair manual for Aud

 * MARK H *: If you're reading this PLEASE get back to me on whether you
             still want this or not.

 duane@zk3.dec.com writes:

 Du> Bentley should make one for the V8. They make manuals for almost
 Du> all of the models (some new ones aren't ready yet), but *finding*
      Bzzzzt. Nope, the manual was only available to Audi Dealers.
      I managed to get a hold of a copy from a mechanic friend who
      had to get a dealer mechanic to order one (many moons ago.)
      The microfiche is available though. 

 Martin Stensgaard writes:
 MS>I have recently bought a 1990 Audi V8 Quattro, and have been looking for
 MS>some repair books for this model but has so far been unable to find any

   I've got 1 xeroxed copy that a fellow Qlister asked me for,
   but he's had some setbacks..broken clavicle, stroke in
   family etc. and I have been unable to contact him.

    If he doesn't get in touch with me I can send you his copy. If he
    still wants it...I'll ask him or any of the other Qlisters I've
    sent copies to to copy it for you. It's a royal PITA and I figure
    they <cough> owe the list ;).

    Also, the manual ONLY covers the slushbox 1990 models with the 3.6
    engine. If you need later models, stick shift or 4.2 Liter information
    you're much better served by the microfiche.



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