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RE: if it ain't broke...

>>mileage(kilometage, is this an offical word for you folks that use km's??:-))  
>i'm not sure of the terminology, but my euro trip computer gives fuel           
>efficiency in litres-per-100km, not km-per-litre.                               
>i think it is called "fuel consumption".                                        
>anybody? phil? tom? hans?                                                       

Hi frank,

	I know; I was only attempting to be silly. When I lived on the south
island of NZ a couple of years ago my friends had trouble with my expressing
the fuel economy of my trusty ol' Nissan Prairie in km/litre so I had to learn
all about litres/100km. But, for any of it to make any sense to me I had to
convert it to mpg(miles/gallon(US)); then I could relate it to other cars I've

						Happy motoring,