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Re: Audi moving upmarket?

> I'm also new to the qlist, so forgive ME..... (same disclaimer), but I
> am concerned that Audi's are going to be getting quite pricey in the
> near future--especially since I don't own one yet! :-(.  Unless you want
> a stripped down version of the A4 with the 1.8t, (which I don't), you

... and a hearty welcome to both of you ... as far as I'm concerned there
is no need to apologize!  Interestingly enough when I bought my first 
Audi it was more expensive than the competition, but it was clearly worth
it so I sprung for the extra $1500 ... you might be able to tell that this
was the better part of 20 years ago!
> Yes, I should probably settle for the 1.8t and be happy.  Upgrade the
> engine, and overlook the lost amenities.  But I think you lose too much
> in the bargain:
> No burled walnut wood trim ("Pixel" graphic aluminum trim instead)
> No power driver seat
> No leather-wrapped steering wheel
> No folding front-center armrest with storage container
> No outside temperature gauge (but available as an option in all-weather
> pkg.)
> 15-inch, 8-spoke cast aluminum alloy wheels with 195/65 R15 H-speed
> rated all-season radials
>    (instead of 16-inch, 5-spoke cast aluminum alloy wheels with 205/55
> R16  -- but avail. as an option)
... it just so happens that I picked up the sales literature today.  You are
pretty well informed, but it turns out that if you really want the 5 spoked 
wheels, sport seats and leather wheel on your 1.8T you can get them by order-
ing the sport package.  It looks like if you want the wood trim, folding 
front center armrest and leather upholstery your only option is the 2.8.  
I certainly hope that Audi has learned some lessons and improved the reliabil-
ity of the whiz-bangs, but I have to admit that for my purposes the 1.8T 
"stripper" quattro model is looking pretty attractive.  Audi may even sell 
me my second brand new car.  If we could do something about them air bags!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

3 Audis in the garage at home ... tired of working on the whiz-bangs!