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Re: New A4Q

welcome to the club...CONGRATULATIONS!!!

> From: Fringe Ryder <Fringe@ai.net>
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: New A4Q
> Date: Wednesday, October 16, 1996 9:06 PM
> I now have it.  A black A4Q with black leather, Bose, CD, sunroof, sport
> wheel, manual tranny, and heated seats.  Picked it up an hour ago.  It's
> very pretty car.
> Impression so far:
> It's a well-made car, and knows what it's doing.  At first I thought the
> trip computer was too gadgety, but it's nice seeing what track of which
> you're on.  The estimated mileage goes screwy when you coast though.
> There's more road noise than I expected.  It's not really a quiet car. 
> not intrusive really though.  The climate-control system fan IS intrusive
> when in the top half of it's power, which it controls automatically
> you override it.  I've overridden it.
> The engine doesn't seem to have a sweet spot, or, more accurately, the
> range from under 2K to almost 5K (which is all I've done) seems to be
> The remote-locking fob refuses to stay together.  I may have to get a new
> The seats are great, but clearly designed for people considerably wider
> I am.  (I am a bit on the slim side.)
> The trunk is huge.  Bigger than huge.  I think the whole car could fit
> the trunk.  It doesn't look that big from outside!
> The weather refused to cooperate - it has been raining hard much of the
> for two days, including part of today, but it's now clear and dry.  So I
> don't know about the traction.  No problems yet.
> Summary: So far, this car is everything I'd hoped for, a real delight,
> although that fob needs fixing.
> Regards
>         Fringe
>         (Portland and Seattle)