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Re: speeding tickets by mail? (no audi content)

At 10:58 AM 10/17/96 -0500, you wrote:
I believe there is a tint you can get for your license plate so when a
camera takes a picture, the plate comes out black! No more camera tickets.

>I remember a year or so ago a man was issued a speeding ticket by mail. The
>man fought the ticket in court and won. He claimed he was not driving the
>car when it was captured on film speeding in the LA area. In fact he was
>not even in the car. His daughter took the car from his work and was
>actually the driver during the speeding incident.
>The point is that speeding tickets go on your driving record not on the
>vehicle,  the burden of proof lies on the state/municipality to prove you
>are driving the car while it was captured on film speeding.
>Subsequently, I believe it is unconstitutional (presumed innocent until
>proved guilty) to issue a speeding based on a vehicle license plate without
>verification of the operator.
>Additionally, I think this issue has been gone through by the Federal
>Therefore I pose the question: Can municipalities issue tickets through the
>mail from cameras?
>(Informed responses only please)
>In response to:
> >At the Boston end of the Mass. Pike is the Prudential Tunnel.
>> >It's about .25 miles long. They've just recently installed
>> >some new lighting in the tunnel. Under the lighting are some
>> >boxes that look like they could be auxilliary power supplies
>> >in case of power failure. They're not! They are radar speed
>> >detectors with high-speed cameras and, once the system is fully
>> >functional, it will be part of the first unmanned speed trap
>> >in the Boston area. You won't know that you've been bagged un-
>> >til your ticket shows up in the mail.