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Re: Antifreeze question

> Stay away from Meca, it is combastible. I once saw a burned UrQ, that had
> a coolant spill (Chris Sanborn's).

According to the folks at Mecca, Chris called and spent a lot of time asking
questions about their coolant/system then bought something else ... they say
the stuff in his car wasn't THEIR coolant but just regular propylene glycol,
and that without the proper additives, in the proper proportions, it'll burn
quite readily.  They also say that Chris called them afterwards and tried to
blame them because his car caught fire...

I don't know the real story here -- I've only heard one side -- but if this
is true, then perhaps it's time this "wive's tale" was laid to rest.  Maybe
somebody (Glen?) can provide us with more background info?  Personally, I'm
planning to run the stuff in my 4k racecar (with the radiator in the trunk,
I'd prefer not to run a pressurized system!) so I might be able to share my
experiences with it in a couple of months.  (And just in case, I WILL carry
a fire extinguisher!).  ;^)

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