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Audi Beaurocracy Help, Please......


Your advise/help would be appreciated.  I own a 1990 V8.  I love Audi's.
 This is my 4th one (82 Coupe GT, 87 4000 CS Quattro, 87 5000 CS Quattro
Wagon).  However, I'm not mechanically inclined.  I've taken each of them to
Audi dealers for servicing like clockwork.  The V8 was a total lemon.....new
engine, transmission, brake system, front end, instrument cluster, etc.
etc.....while under warranty....in fact according to Audi, $45,000
worth.....on the other hand, I've had all the associated down time and my
share of expenses.....especially considering the riduclous price for
proprietary parts.  The car was simply a lemon.  The original service manual
indicated that the timing belt should be replaced at 90k miles.....an insert
was later sent indicating that it should be done at 60k miles.....I took it
to the Audi dealer at the 60k service for the 60k service....the belt wasn't
replaced.....with 81k on the engine, mine failed......now I face a $7200
repair cost.....this happend in May......since then I've followed the Audi
process ultimately ending up sending 2 letters to Gerd Klauss, the President
of Audi US asking for some kind of relief on parts or a creative solution to
get me out of this lemon and into at least a newer V8 (I just can't swing
$70k for the soon to arrive A8)....I was offered $1500 off on a new
Audi.....(BIG DEAL)......I don't believe my letters ever got to Gerd.
 Instead they were stopped at the desk of  Bonnie Cramer who is hardline,
inflexible, and not open to a win-win consideration of alternatives.  Rather,
her position is that the car is 6 years old and out of warranty........I
think Audi can do better by me.....to make matters worst, the dealer has
taken the engine apart and discovered that the rack (rack and pinion) needs
to be replaced....another $1700 for a total of $9900 on a car that has a
street value of maybe $15,000 fixed even though it's in otherwise premium
condition.  Is it unreasonable to expect more of a fine luxury German car??
 Don't you think that Audi could do more to take care of a loyal customer??
 There's bound to be any number of creative solutions that could be worked
out but I can't even get the ear of someone that will work with me.....your
suggestions/help would be GREATLY appreciated......chuk campos