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Re: ur-q lights & spoilers

From: quattro@innotts.co.uk (Ian Gregory)
>Can anybody clear up a historical note for me?  I have an '84 Urq with the
>sloping front.  I have been told this _CANNOT_ be origional as it didn't
>come out untill '85 (as pointed out above).   However the November 95 issue
>of VW Audi Cars history of changes states that this change occurred _FROM_
>early '84 (Mine is a March '84).  I have ssen other '84s with sloping
>fronts, and also an '85 with a flat front.  Is mine definatly a fake or
>could it have been origional?

My understanding of this is that the sloping headlights (and grille) 
 were introduced on the Audi 90.  This makes them late 1984.  The 
 Coupes (and presumably the ur Quattros) changed over to the sloping 
 fronts at the same time.  My 80 quattro which is September '84 had 
 flat headlights and grille when I bought it.  I found the sloping 
 headlights were considerably cheaper than the flat ones, so now it has 
 two sloping headlights (but still a flat grille).

Sanburn Audi dismantlers told me that it was difficult to obtain scrap 
 sloping grilles or headlights because it was a very popular upgrade.

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1983 Audi 100 Avant