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Re: A4 Electronic locking diffs...

In a message dated 96-10-18 01:41:30 EDT, you write:

<< Nope.  You are confusing locked rotational speed with equal torque.  It
 so.  A locked diff will apportion torque in relation to the traction
 available at the individual wheel.  Torque distribution could vary from
 to 100:0 and anywhere in between with a locked diff.
 An open diff will always split the torque equally.  In low traction
 situations it simply won't be albe to split much of it.
.... A locked diff in the center will split torque 50/50....  An open diff
will send more torque to the spinning wheel, hence the locking....  On a side
to side diff, the lock is rarely 100%, usually more like 70%, even with a
torsen, hi is 80%....  The locking mechanism on audi GENII is 100% or open,
100-0-100 to the spinning wheel. Open diffs send more power to the spinning
wheel, limited slips "lock" the other side when wheel slip is sensed....   Me
thinks you might be confused....