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Hairy green toads from Mars made Paul Royal say:

> Dear Listers,
>  Although I'm only 33 years old I am definately old enough to know better   
> when it comes to a few things:
>  1. Never believe a New England forecast more than 48 hours
>   in advance
>  2. You can't please everybody all the time
>  3. Nothing's as sure as death and taxes........
> The weather for northern NE looks pretty good for most of Saturday and
> its all bets off for Sunday.....the big storm that's approaching from the   
> midwest is coming from the south and west and is not expected to arrive   
> in
> the White Mtns. of NH until late Saturday afternoon or evening (if at   
> all).
> I'm gambling on this and believe very strongly that I will be at the NH   
> liquor store on route 93 in Hooksett on Saturday morning by 9:30.  If you   
> would like,
> you may call me at home to get the latest weather if its not available in   
> your area. I hope that a lot of you will also be there. Please do not   
> call after 11:30PM or before 6:30AM....if you call and I'm out or have   
> left there will be a pertinent message on my machine.
>  Hope to see you Saturday!
>      Paul

I just cruised the Weather Channel's web site, and Paul seems to be
right about this. The storm is coming up from the south, and saturday
afternoon's map looks dry for most of NH, especially up north.

I'm on for saturday. Bring decent shoes, and I can suggest a nice
side-hike to a gorgeous waterfall (Arethusa Falls and Frankenstein
Cliffs) right off of Route 302.


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