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Early Audi 90 Models

     Paul Heneghan requests information about Audi 90 models from the '60s. 
     I have several U.S. catalogs circa late '60s/early '70s which 
     advertise the Super 90 along with the first 100LS.  Both shared a 
     1760cc four cylinder engine tuned for 100hp in the 90, 115hp in the 
     100LS.  The 90 was a smaller car than the 100 (length 173.8" versus 
     182.6", weight 2205 lbs versus 2380 lbs, though both weights went up 
     over the years). Apparently, the 90 body was from the mid-'60s 
     60-75-80-90 series (there may also have been a 55), which was a 
     four-cycle-engined development of the DKW F102.  Audi and DKW were two 
     of four companies comprising Auto Union (the others were Horch and 
     Wanderer, if anyone's interested).  The four rings in Auto Union's 
     trademark, now used exclusively by Audi, originally represented these 
     Some of this information comes from a company history published by 
     Audi called A HISTORY OF PROGRESS 1988 (mine may be an update of a  
     1984 version, does anyone know of more recent updates?).  It's a 
     useful book but not as good as it could have been due to what I assume 
     to be less-than-perfect translation into English plus a irritatingly 
     self-serving perspective.
     This is rather arcane stuff with zilch Quattro content (None of the 
     above models were Quattros, there!)  If anyone wants more information 
     (I'm an automotive sales catalog collector with a fair representation 
     of Audi material), please contact me directly.
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