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Re: Radar alert

A friend of mine living in Germany tells me that down there speed cameras 
are with flashes. So people hand CDs on their rear-view mirrors and the 
highly reflective surface of a CD blinds the cameras using their own flash.


On Thu, 17 Oct 1996, Lyndon Camidge M&L-KB wrote:

> All US,
> 	Now You no how We in the UK have to suffer, over Here they are called 
> "GATSO" Speed Cameras (Gatso is the Manufacturer) and at the moment they 
> are everywhere and more and more are cropping up by the day, if I visit a 
> friend who only lives 2.5 miles away I go Past four of the nasty things, 
> all I can say is thank God for RADAR detectors.
> Lyndon Camidge
> P.S. They also Use a similar system on Traffic Lights to stop You 
> shooting through on RED !