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Re: No Audis in Russia?

Are you guys kidding??

In Russia, Audies are considered the car of the homeless!

People prefer Mercedes 600 SEL. That is probably why there many more 600 
SELs in Moscow than in any city in the world!


On Fri, 18 Oct 1996 i6941TB@gnn.com wrote:

> Mark wrote:
> >Funny somebody finally mentioned Russia.  They do have Audis.  This just
> >goes to show how PERVERTED I am.  Wife & I adopted 2 kids from K. in Nov. 1993,
> >one month after the White House Revolt.
> May God bless you and your family for the kindness of your heart!
> >Had the kids & wife in a hotel in Moscow and I took off for a sight-seeing 
> >excursion.  What do I find but a mid 1980s Audi 80 with beautiful headlights and 
> >a unique grill - I took a picture of it - So that day I saw a dead Lenin and an 
> >Audi.
> Audi and Volvo were the most prestigious/desirable foreign cars there 10 years 
> ago. (Given the climat specifics and Audi's glorious domination of the World Rally 
> Championsip througout the '80s).
> Merc and BMW were rated slightly below. They were even imported in small numbers 
> as police cars (at least in Moscow). 
> Jap iron hardly enjoyed any respect at all.
> >BTW Russia/Moscow is fascinating....the day we picked the kids up it was -40F no 
> >shit.  I grew up in MN and I never saw ice crystals suspended in mid-air. that 
> >day I saw them - awesome!
> Yeah, and the air (and snow) in the dusk are DEEP BLUE in the winter!
> I've set my personal survival record on the New Year's night of 1978. It was -52C 
> (-60F) some 800+ km NE from Moscow.
> Igor Kessel,
> who lived to see the "ice crystals suspended in mid-air" before the bastards 
> turned his country from a Superpower into another Upper Volta, only with the 
> nuclear warheads!