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Re: Audi B.S.

> Ahem...
> > 	Sad story chuk---IMHO you should raise 4 ton of hell down at the 
> > dealership.  I don't advise you do this, but I have had, on occasion, 
> > pretty good results when the hell is raised on a busy day on the 
> > dealership floor:)  In fact, Audi dealer not too far from here lost 3 
> > lookers when I told them they would certainly get fuc*** by the dealer
> > they bought a car "here"---story gets really good after the manager 
> > grabbed my arm :):):):)  Perhaps another time for that one.
> Amen to the first, and even to the second, with suitable disclaimers,
> as observing that it not be such a wonderful idea to actually *address*
> comments *to* an onlooker.
> Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart, a man noted for his tact and mild demeanor, 
> a man who wouldn't say "Sh*t" even if he had a mouthfull, has found
> on the odd occasion, merely by pleasantly making his point to the
> ALL of his points.  Down to the last sordid detail. In the crowded show
> Did I mention, LOUDLY...?
Seconded LOUDLY
Over the years, and dealing with the local dealers, (Alfa Romeo,
Porsche/Audi ..4 cars and counting, and Volvo) I have found that the only
way too get dealers to listen and act is when you threaten to hurt their
business and make their lives miserable by making your points LOUDLY
within earshot of prospective customers.