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RE: Audi moving upmarket?

I paid about $1800 less than sticker, even though the pups are severely
back-ordered and I had to wait for two months (and two days).

At 03:34 PM 18-10-96 -0700, Peter Henriksen <peterhe@microsoft.com> wrote:
>This one was an automatic, so that would almost make up for the
>difference. Was the $33K sticker or what you paid (if you don't mind)?
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>>From:	Fringe Ryder [SMTP:Fringe@ai.net]
>>Interesting.  Mine came loaded with EVERYTHING you can get except the
>>automatic, at $33K.  About $1200 above the '96 price, but they added leather
>>to the center armrest and door panels and they added the trip computer, so
>>the actual increase is lower.
>>That's actually not too bad, allowing for inflation.
>>Peter Henriksen <peterhe@microsoft.com> wrote:
>>>Although now that AoA has jolted people's interest with the A4's first
>>>model year, they're hiking the price... I saw a loaded 97 A4q at the
>>>dealer yesterday with a sticker of over $35,000. Still less than a BMW
>>>328i with everything (except quattro :-), but not as good a deal as last