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4000Q Turbo new member

I should have included some info about myself before asking 
I live in Toronto Ontario so any modifications to the car will not 
have to meet any pollution standards (for a while anyway).
I am in second year of Mechanical Engineering which means that I 
don't have as much money to play around as I would like to.
My hobby is rallying and tinkering with my cars.
1982 Coupe with 425,000 km on the clock.
1984 4kq that I am in process of upgrading to a turbo hyper machine 
(money and time allowing).
1970 Porsche 911E Targa that is also under restoration (I bought it 
pretty cheap and it came in boxes).

I have been a true believer in the quattro ever since the first 
rainy or snowy day I had to go without it.  How people can go back to 
driving a two wheel drive vehicle I don't know.  You miss it when its 
not there (traction).

Since this is also the first few times I'm using the internet please 
forgive any mistakes I'll make along the way.

Martin Pajak