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OKC Paper Audi Listings

Browing through the classifieds and thought I'd let you all see the OKC Audi

91 90s, Volvo trade-in.  Must see.  (405) 326-1224, 1-800-657-2582

'90  Audi 90 Quattro, Only $11,988, local trade, fully serviced, low, low
miles must see.  Bob Moore Infiniti Porsche Audi 748-8000 (Note:  I think I
saw this one when I was buying my A4Q.  It is red with titanium leather
interior, 5 speed, and did not have "low, low" miles.  I think it was about
60,000.  My guess is that it could be had for about $10K.  The body and
interior were well taken care of.  Just called them, and the milage is 69k.
Had a sunroof and, I think, a CD player.  I dealt with these guys with my
A4Q and the person you would want to speak with is Perry Burris.  Tell him I
sent you.)

'88 Audi 80, black/grey cloth, Benchmark trade-in, beat the wholesalers,
save thousands (yeah, right....) 405-236-1224, 1-800-657-2582.

'84 5000s Volvo trade-in, must see, 405-236-1224, 1-800-657-2582.

Just in case any of you might like to give 'em a shout.  By the way, I in no
way vouch for the quality of any of these cars or the honesty of any of the

Achille Riviello
83 4000s, 200+k miles,
96 A4Q, 360 miles,
HK P7M13
HK P7 PSP (new acquisition)
"In a world of compromise, some don't"--HK