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Battery and Dealer Prices

Hey all!

	I'm back! (Just for two quick questions).  Then again, how many of
you even noticed I was missing?

	1)  I need a new battery for my 5000cs quattro.  What type and
brand should I be looking at?  

	2)  I might special order an A4 1.8T quattro in February of 1997.
I would like to know the dealer prices on the following options: 
		a) Quattro- $1600 list price
		b) Sport Package- $1000 list price
		c) Metallic paint- $460 list price
	Also, the leather faced interior comes as a no cost option on the
A4 1.8T.  Does anyone know if it would be possible to substitute the
leather faced interior of the odd interior that comes with the Sport
Package?  I figure that since I'm looking to Special order the car
anything might be possible.  What do you all think?  
	All replys can come right to this address.  It is my girlfriends
account and so I'll get all the messages.  Thanks in advance and hope to
be back on-line in January.  

	Thank you,

	Andrew Shea