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Re: Audi coolant

In a message dated 96-10-20 20:27:37 EDT, you write:

<<        Apparently Texaco invented this stuff, as an alternative to the
 phosphate and/or silicate formulas formerly used.  It is sufficiently
 advanced that GM specifies it for their >=96 vehicles.  Due to the type of
 additives in the coolant, it comes with a 5 year 100k mile 'service life',
 compared to 3year, 36k miles for conventional coolants. Also claimed are
 increased thermal heat transfer, decreased water pump seal wear, and better
 corrosion protection.
         Now, for the questions.  Have we been given a viable alternative to
 the Autobahn stuff?  Should we all rush out and put this stuff in our cars?
 I'd be leery of some local or unfamiliar brand touting these claims, but
 Texaco and Prestone?  Who knows more than I do about this new coolant?  I'm
 sure I can't be the only one to come across this so far.  Perhaps a test
         Thanks in advance!
Just put a new radiator in the wifes car, and added the Dex-cool under the
brand name Havoline, available for 7 bux at my local Murrays in Chicago....
 I too heard that it was better than sliced bread....   Went with it, the
cooling seems to run cooler than my q ship with the same setup....  It is
phosphate free, and has the 100k guarantee as well...  It is copper colored,
and from my sources (graydon please speak here too) at GM, this is THE ticket
in antifreeze protection....