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A4 upgrading

Hi all,

There were some requests for info on upgrading the A4 on the list recently.
I bought a German VW/Audi tuning magazine yesterday, which had an article
about a very nice MTM tuned 1.8T A4Q Avant. Apart from it being bright
yellow (a factory colour, apparently), this firm has persuaded 286 bhp (up
from 150bhp) out of the unit (@5750rpm) and 210Nm (285lbft) of torque
@1750rpm. Maximum torque is 393Nm (533lbft) @ 4150rpm. They've devised a
very decent-looking front bumper with integrated spoiler (I'm not a fan of
those generally, but this one looks like it's a factory original). Changes
are in the turbo, exhaust and manifold (header), and in the electronics.
0-60mph is reached in 5.6sec. Other changes include the red Porsche brakes
of the RS2 with 315mm ventilated discs, H&R lowered sports suspension and
18"x8.5 BBS DTM-look wheels with 225/40 Dunlop SP2000 tyres. In a more
stealthy colour, this would be a great Q-car (in more ways than one...)
Interested parties should contact MTM, Dr. Kurt Schumacher Ring 45-50,
85139 Wettstetten, Germany, tel. ++49 841 992300.
For those interested, who use a Macintosh or are able to decode BinHex
4.0-files, I can scan and send pictures of this beautiful car. Anyone
willing to put these on the 'web?

Other interesting A4 upgrades: a less restrained front spoiler plus a
bonnet (hood) with louvres (great looking) are available from Styling
Garages Ingolstadt (small B&W photo available). The car in the picture
seems to have a STW-cup Audi logo on it (very large rings). SGI is at ++49
841 74071, fax ++49 841 78416. They send a catalogue out for DM5 in stamps.

Last item is a beautiful alloy wheel for the A4, 3-part, in Porsche Cup look.
Available in 18"x8 to 18"x11. Info from RH Alurad hoeffken GmbH,
Industriegebiet Ennest, 57439 Attendorn, Tel. ++49 2722 5530, Fax  ++49
2722 55317. large B&W photo available.

I hope this info is of some use to you A4 owners interested in upgrading,
or people like me with no money, but just interested in nice Audis...

(usual disclaimers apply)


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